Arduino IDE for ESP8266

Thanks to few wonderful people out there. Now we can run Arduino programs on ESP8266. Arduino IDE for ESP8266 is nothing but your favorite IDE with additional support for ESP8266 boards. In this article I will explain how did I run my first Arduino program on ESP826 module. This is a NodeMCU module. But we can use any other model.


      • Download the latest Arduino (version > 1.6.x). I have used 1.6.8
      • Run the Arduino IDE and open preferences IDE. In Additional Board Manager URL, enter the URL
      • Open the Board Manager, you will see an option esp8266 by ESP8266 Community as shown in the following picture.

Baord Manager

    • Click install after selecting this option. Download and install will take approximately 2 minutes.
    • Once upload is done select the board NodeMCU 1.0(ESP-1E Module) or whatever is appropriate for your board. Board
    • We will also get example programs to run. Lets try a simple Blink example. Open the example by selecting Examples > ESP8266 > Blink and click Upload. This example will blink an onboard LED on NodeMCU board. You can also connect an LED to the PINUploading
    • Now you will see the LED blinking.



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